It is our policy to respond to notices of potentially infringing content which appears on our site. Upon receipt of proper notice, we will remove or disable access to the content which is alleged to be infringing copyright.

DMCA Takedown Contact

By Email:
[email protected]
Attn: DMCA Complaints

By Mail:
Kiwi6 DMCA
271 Farrington St
Quincy, MA 02170
United States

How we Protect Artists

Kiwi6 manually approves submissions to the searchable directory, maintains blacklists of copyrighted mp3s, and bans users for repeat offenses. Kiwi6 does not offer incentives or monetary compensation to users for uploading infringing content ("pay-per-download" or referral programs). In addition, Kiwi6 refrains from running advertisements on user pages that have been known to violate copyright policy to avoid a conflict of interest.
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