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Artist Settings

Updated: September 04, 2014 16:14

To update your artist settings, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Kiwi6 homepage.
  2. If you have more than one artist: select your artist from the profile switcher on the left.

    Profile Switcher

  3. Click on your artist or podcast.

When you are at your artist/podcast page, click on the “Edit” button beneath your artist name. Please refer to the image below.

enter image description here

You will be directed to the artist settings form. The form should look like the following image:

Edit Artist Form

If you are a podcaster, you should check “Podcast / Radio Show.” To stop podcasting, uncheck this box and your podcast page will be converted to a musician page.

By default, Kiwi6 will generate an RSS link for you so that you can submit your feed to podcast directories such as iTunes and Stitcher. If you do not want this feature enabled, you can turn it off by unchecking the “Generate RSS feed” checkbox.

Please select a content language from the dropdown menu that best suits your feed’s content to help kiwi6 and other directories target your audience.

To preserve your changes, click on the “Save” button at the end of the page.

To learn more about optimizing your feed for iTunes, see iTunes Best Practices.

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