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Copyright Violations / File Removal

Updated: August 06, 2014 15:13

My account has copyright violations, what does this mean?

When a rights holder notifies Kiwi6 in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of materials that infringe on copyright, Kiwi6 is legally obligated to remove the files. When this happens, Kiwi6 will notify you of the complaint.

How do I avoid copyright violations?

Do not share files you do not own the copyright to. If you wish to upload files for private access, you can set their privacy to 'private' or 'unlisted.'

What effect does a copyright complaint have on my account?

File serving may be disabled if we receive a copyright complaint against your account. In order to re-enable file serving, you must acknowledge the copyright complaint. Acknowledging a complaint is not an admission of guilt, only an acknowledgement that you have received the notice.

Willful repeat violations will result in all your files being deleted and banning of your account.

My files were mistakenly removed!

When Kiwi6 receives a copyright complaint, we may remove files even if the complaint is without merit, because we may be required to under US law. If we did not do so, we could be subject to a claim of vicarious infringement. Therefore, Kiwi6 does not arbitrate copyright complaints. If you have any questions about a copyright dispute, you should speak with your own legal counsel.

To re-instate removed materials, you may email support to file a DMCA counter-notice, which can be generated here:

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