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Downloading Issues

Updated: August 21, 2014 16:11

Downloads won't start

Check the following to troubleshoot downloading issues.
  • Ensure that cookies and Javascript are enabled.
  • If you are downloading multiple files very quickly, additional download requests may be throttled.
  • In some cases your location may be blocked from accessing due to past TOS violations.

Downloads start but do not finish

Some users have reported that downloads abruptly stop without finishing. There can be a few causes for this.
  • Are you behind a proxy? Do not use a proxy, or use a more performant proxy if possible.
  • Are you on a mobile or wireless connection? This can cause stalled downloads due to packet loss and high latency. Use a wired connection if possible.
  • Are you far away? Locations far from the continental US will have higher latency to the servers. If so, use a wired broadband connection.

I'm having trouble with a file I downloaded

In general, if you have problems with a particular downloaded file, such as:
  • File can't be played or opened (after fully downloading).
  • Torrent has no seeds or can't connect.
  • zip/rar/etc archive is password protected.
  • etc.
We can't help you; contact the uploader instead. Kiwi6 hosts files uploaded by its users, but doesn't take responsibility for them. Do not email support for help with these issues.

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