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Importing a Podcast Feed

Updated: September 04, 2014 16:04

Note: A podcast account is required to import a feed. You can sign up for one.

After logging in, click on your artist name (select the artist first if you manage more than one) on the homepage. Please refer to the image below:

Artist Profile Switcher

You will be directed to your podcast page. Click on the gear icon () underneath your artist name, and then click on the link labeled “Import” that appears. Please refer to the image below:

Import Feed Link

If you have multiple artists, select the correct one using the drop down menu. Please refer to the image below:

Importer Profile Switcher

In the “RSS URL,” enter the direct url of the feed you wish to import (the format of this url is similar to the placeholder text, it should end with ".rss", ".xml", or ".atom"). Then click "Import." Please refer to the image below:

Enter Import URL

The import should start, and progress will be displayed on the screen. The status of each imported entry will be displayed in a table next to the entry’s name. Please refer to the image below:

Import in Progress

The progress bar should display “import complete” after the importer has tried to import all the feed’s entries. Click on “back to artist page” to view the changes you have made on your artist page. Please refer to the image below:

Import Complete Actions

Note: If you have trouble finding your feed URL from your current podcast hosting service. Try to follow links with icons similar to this, feed. Usually, the link will bring you directly to an rss feed, where you can copy the url from your browser’s address bar to use in our importer.

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