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iTunes Best Practices

Updated: September 24, 2014 17:04

If you have already signed up as a podcast on Kiwi6, you should be ready to submit your feed to the iTunes directory. Please follow our guide on how to submit to the iTunes directory.

If you haven’t signed up as a podcaster, you can sign up here and follow our guide on creating a podcast.

To get featured in the iTunes store, there is data you MUST have on your feed and it includes:

  1. Attractive and High Quality Cover Photo - an image at a 1400x1400 resolution or greater in .png or jpeg format.
  2. Author - the author of your content.
  3. Title - the name for your podcast feed.
  4. Description - must be less than or equal to 4000 characters.
  5. Category - a category that best matches your content.
  6. Explicit Tagging - must be specified if your content has explicit material.

All of the above can be changed in your artist settings page. You can learn more about the artist settings page in this artist settings guide.

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