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Updates to Kiwi6: January 2014

By admin on February 01, 2014 18:22

New Statistics

Statistics, previously a premium-only feature, is now available to all users. It's also been redesigned to be more readable. Users can now also see their statistics in an account-wide summary. We have more detailed reporting available for paying users scheduled for this February.

New File Manager

The file manager has been refreshed, providing an easier way to edit files and folders. This update also introduces drag-and-drop moving and a way to quickly get links for all selected items.

Kiwi6 in more languages

Kiwi6 has also been updated to support languages other than English. This process is ongoing and we'll be adding missing translations as well as new languages over time.

Other Changes

We've also made hundreds of small changes to improve performance, fix reported bugs, support mobile devices, and improve the UI and navigation elements. Enjoy!

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