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Changes to Song Rankings

By admin on November 18, 2012 16:25

We've updated our song rankings to consider more aspects of a song's popularity.

In our old model, we mostly considered only the number and quality of upvotes received and a few other metrics. Not only was this easy to game, it tended to unfairly favor songs that had been on the site longer. We also felt that it didn't accurately consider things like how likely people were to share or download a track.

In the new system, the rankings will converge toward an ordering that is independent of the age of a song.

Our hot right now list has also been updated to feature songs that are less likely to be on our top songs list to add some dynamism. However the most important variable in ranking highly is still having many listeners and upvotes over the previous 7 days.

Top songs will still be ranked by historical popularity, but it's possible for a relatively new song to rank highly if it becomes explosively popular.

We hope this change is positive for both our listeners and artists!

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