Kiwi6 Updates

How Not to Submit a Song

By admin on December 21, 2012 16:34

While we receive many submissions to the Kiwi6 directory, only a small number are approved each day. There's a lot of great music out there, but many submissions need work! Today, let's focus on why most music is rejected, with specific examples.

  • Using all caps in text. Don't use all caps anywhere. It is annoying and unprofessional.
  • Misspelling every single word. Spelling and grammar counts. Proofread. If your work is not in English, it's OK to include non-English text, but you need English too.
  • Unsubstantiated claims. Ex: "Im An Artistic Genius...", "We are the greatest R&B hip hop artists in the world". Be factual in your descriptions; we don't go along with unknowns claiming to be world famous. This is mostly seen in artist bios.
  • Abusing Tags. Do not tag your song "britney spears" if it has nothing to do with Britney Spears. Using bad tags is actually likely to lower your rankings, because it causes people to behave differently from songs with correct tags.

The above list precludes things like intentional misbehavior (copyright infringement, joke submissions, spamming), which we get a good deal of as well, but hopefully this list will help those of you who are having a hard time getting accepted and honestly wondering why.

Changes to Song Rankings

By admin on November 18, 2012 16:25

We've updated our song rankings to consider more aspects of a song's popularity.

In our old model, we mostly considered only the number and quality of upvotes received and a few other metrics. Not only was this easy to game, it tended to unfairly favor songs that had been on the site longer. We also felt that it didn't accurately consider things like how likely people were to share or download a track.

In the new system, the rankings will converge toward an ordering that is independent of the age of a song.

Our hot right now list has also been updated to feature songs that are less likely to be on our top songs list to add some dynamism. However the most important variable in ranking highly is still having many listeners and upvotes over the previous 7 days.

Top songs will still be ranked by historical popularity, but it's possible for a relatively new song to rank highly if it becomes explosively popular.

We hope this change is positive for both our listeners and artists!

Fixes to Kiwi6 - August 23, 2012

By admin on August 23, 2012 03:05

  • Fixed: Some low-severity security issues.
  • Fixed: Pagination in playlists browser is missing.
  • Added: Redirects for many old URLs should be working properly now.
  • Fixed: In File Manager, all files check the 'private' checkbox when selected.
  • Fixed: Commenting can cause an error.
  • Added: Users will get an email when a DMCA complaint is received against their account.

Fixes to Beta - July 17, 2012

By admin on July 17, 2012 03:06

  • Fixed: Some low-severity security issues.
  • Fixed: Error when adding tags using unicode characters (and other miscellaneous encoding issues).
  • Fixed: Debug code showing up in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: Clicking "Use the new Kiwi6" on the welcome page causes an error.
  • Fixed: Weird browser message when un-favoriting a song from the song page.
  • Fixed: Navigating to the page of a deleted file shows an error.

Recent Fixes to Beta

By admin on July 13, 2012 21:34

Thanks to everyone who reported issues with the site, we were able to fix the following problems:
  • Fixed: International characters don't display properly.
  • Fixed: Updating song descriptions doesn't work from view page.
  • Fixed: Error submitting to directory if you were missing a user profile.
  • Fixed: Deleting a song in the directory breaks user pages for anyone who upvoted it.

Known Issues
Currently known: Files can erroneously appear "private" in the file manager when they are initially selected.

We've heard a lot of both positive and constructive feedback and we're working hard to keep moving forward. Thanks!
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