Kiwi6 Updates

Recent Fixes to Beta

By admin on July 13, 2012 21:34

Thanks to everyone who reported issues with the site, we were able to fix the following problems:
  • Fixed: International characters don't display properly.
  • Fixed: Updating song descriptions doesn't work from view page.
  • Fixed: Error submitting to directory if you were missing a user profile.
  • Fixed: Deleting a song in the directory breaks user pages for anyone who upvoted it.

Known Issues
Currently known: Files can erroneously appear "private" in the file manager when they are initially selected.

We've heard a lot of both positive and constructive feedback and we're working hard to keep moving forward. Thanks!

Introducing the new Kiwi6

By admin on July 05, 2012 01:52

Today we're inviting users to check out our new website, We've reworked it from the ground up to improve the experience for music listeners and added much requested features - such as easier browsing and searching, playlists, and tags. We're also redoing the interface in areas that have been confusing to users in the past. Keep in mind this is all an early public beta, so things might not be working yet or missing entirely. The entire experience is also likely to change significantly over time.

If at any time things stop working, feel free to switch back to the old site, which remains the default. As always, we'll be listening at [email protected] for feedback and bug reports. Enjoy!


What are the biggest changes?

  • New listening pages
  • Song voting
  • Tagging support
  • Favoriting & commenting built-in
  • Rudimentary playlists
  • Directory Search
We have lots more features and refinements coming down the pipeline, and we're going to share those in the coming weeks and months.

Why these changes?

While we're still dedicated to being a great place to host mp3s, we wanted to significantly revamp the listener experience which up until now has not been as robust as our music hosting offerings. A big change like this requires significant effort and we're dedicated to involving the community as we continue to add features.

Will the old site be going away?

Later this summer we'll switch to the beta site by default, and users will have to specifically pick the older site. Eventually we'll decommission it entirely - this allows us to focus our efforts on providing the best experience possible on the new site.

I don't use Kiwi6 for music - what does this mean for me?

One of the goals of the new Kiwi6 is to create a music destination for artists and listeners. We still accept all file types and you are welcome to use our hosting for free hotlinking and fileserving. There's never any obligation to participate in the Kiwi6 music community.


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