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Bruce Alan Fleming is an independant artist, singer, songwriter, performer born in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 1st October 1970.. Highly passionate for the arts.. He is determined to put all of his productions + co-productions into the public sphere (all be it for posterity as well as a lasting legacy).. He works mostly on his own but loves any oppertunity to involve others.. This page is a work in progress.. ENJOY & PLEASE PASS ON!..



'Feel the storm moving in
darkness where there was light...'

Lost the plot?..Try this....

Bruce Alan Fleming
about 10 years

..My lucky day!..Lemme think about that ritaforlove..I'll get back to you shortly after you tell me who you are & what you wanna talk about..Backatcha.. ;/

ritaforlove » Bruce Alan Fleming
about 10 years

Hi, i wish to be your friend. If care, write me on ( ) so that we can communicate conveniently.


Enjoy & pass on......

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