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I am both an artist and a musician, and was brought up in a family of both professions. My main thrust in music is Christian meditation and I sometimes play flute in worship groups, improvising around the melodies of songs. Between 1999 and 2003 I composed, played and created 5 CD's of this particular genre, playing keyboards and also flute. I had a home studio built for me by my husband, a Technics touch-sensitive keyboard, Roland synthesiser connected by MIDI, and a 64 track digital recording station, which enabled me to mix down to full audio CD's. I was fortunate enough to have contacts who were able to teach me how to do all this myself! The music was designed to bring about deep relaxation and to experience the presence of God for those who were unwell, or simply unable to "let go", without jarring of sudden sounds - something I found was a common problem at that time. I personally was very unwell around that time and had to work through a lot of difficult issues. For me this music was an outlet and a means of resting in Father God's peace, but it also turned out to be of great benefit to many other people when used in several Christian Retreat centres around the UK during times of meditation and reflection. The CD's were bought by quite a lot of people for their own use as a result. Here you will be able to listen to some of my tracks. I hope you will also enjoy them.


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