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testing123testing, nothing seems to save here ¿


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over 5 years

Unfortunately i'm not gay, so i don't 'connect' with male vocals; but i can hear that this is big and dark and serious and driving... All good stuff!

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over 5 years

A remarkably organic and free-form piece of electronica. One may admire the artist's evident lack of anxiety with regard to his 'composition'. Built around a...? the best word is 'challenging' square-wave motif, the listener is suddenly shocked to find the whole precarious assembly gearing up for something approaching a (?) well, a finale! Bravo!

Zoned » Torley wong-ambiet viii
over 5 years

Mad but very very pretty. Could do with some chasmic reverb perhaps? Just an idea! x

Like it - but i want to like it *more* by scrubbing that phasey effect on her vocal, closer mic, more direct signal in the mix with longer + lusher reverb. Ignore me though, i'm a schmuck (not even sure that's how you spell schmuck!)

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about 7 years

This really is exceptionally pretty; and wistful and reflective. Reminds me so much of the 'On Golden Pond' (film) opening.

This is what pianos are supposed to do, not that virtuosic, notes-per-second violence like in all those hideous competitions.

Yes, rain+piano - match made in heaven! xxx

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about 7 years

Liked the reverby atmospheric opening but it didn't really go where i wanted it to after that (well why would it¿ that's why you're you & i'm me!). Slightly more objectively, isn't this a bit spikey to be tagged ambient?

mmm, scrummy dark ambient but i can only listen via (disallowed) download because i've only got 2g signal here in poverty stricken rural uk. pity.

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