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De Marco "BiggMann" Thomas was born in Northern California on August 13th. As a child, he grew up watching the Bay Area music scene. He has always believed that his original stomping grounds were ahead of it's time in terms of rap music and hip hop culture. When unfortunate circumstances brought him to Sacramento, he brought fresh, new and creative ideas and visions to his new hometown. Through music, BiggMann has learned to become the man of many trades, he is today. Bigg has become a student of the industry, utilizing his music as a therapeutic platform, not only to entertain the masses, but to educate and motivate his fans. BiggMann has done music for over twenty years. He continues to make music because his lyrics are a release for him, allowing to express himself as a talented songwriter. BiggMann enjoys sharing some of his past with his fans, in high hopes they will listen and learn from BiggMann's creative lyricism. Bigg is addicted to the ending result of what started if as a mere vision. BiggMann is a student of the industry. He spreads his time over tasks such as rapping, producing and engineering his own studio. Learning these tasks has set him apart from others in the industry, who have chosen not to learn to be self sufficient in today's music industry. In fact, BiggMann has added film and photography to his trade belt. He understands that his fans like to see his visuals, as well as, listen to his music. All of the work that BiggMann invests into his career is influenced by other hard working artists and C.E.O.s in the music industry. BiggMann's influences include 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Biggie Smalls and Ice Cube. In the end, Bigg looks up to those who have been successful at what they do. He likes to work with others who are disciplined about what they love to do. Bigg pushes positive energy, he chooses to collaborate with others who exude the same vibe. Everyone should have something they dedicate themselves to, BiggMann prefers to be around individuals who take pride in accomplishing their goals. Although, his goals are not the only tool he uses to motivate him. BiggMann finds inspiration in dope lyricism. When he hears good music, it puts him in the position to create. He sometimes writes lyrics that express his evaluation of life. Maybe someone out there can relate to what Bigg has been through. BiggMann is equally inspired by his family. He has always known he should appreciate the simple things, and he lets those simple things inspire him as well. BiggMann started doing music in 1993. Within two years he made his career a professional one. He knew he wanted a professional career when he began to take it serious. Bigg started booking studio time and recording demos to send out. He would also make follow up phone calls to inquire about the status of his music. Soon BiggMann's priorities became invested in his career, booking shows and getting radio exposure. BiggMann eventually stuck both feet in the door and went full force with his career when he dropped his first album, "Kirizma", with Hustle Hard run by Charles White. During this time period, BiggMann sold a multitude of physical product. He also booked many shows, packed up and went on tour with his label mates across the United States. BiggMann broke into the music industry with his non stop grinding and determination. He got himself noticed by aligning with other notable artists in the industry, and with the help if some family members. BiggMann's mother managed him in the early stages of his career. She made sure he got the recognition and compensation he deserved. Others who have helped get BiggMann's career moving are Diamond Max, Lonnie from Stackhouse, Hot One Recordz, B-Smoove and Cap Biz. BiggMann is a self taught artist who has a knack for meshing with other talent, and creating timeless masterpieces that can be played in clubs and listened to by his most cherished fans, by giving them something positive to dance to. Prospectively, BiggMann's lyrics may not always be positive and he hopes his listeners will learn from his life stories. Ultimately receiving a positive message. BiggMann radiates positive energy. He feels that everyone can relate to being positive and this is something the world needs. In addition to his music, he gas a line of clothing called, "Positive Inner G, From Me To You". This only adds to the many jobs that BiggMann has the courage to take on. BiggMann plays many roles in the music industry. He owns a recording studio. He is an experienced engineer who makes mixing and mastering look easy. Learning to be a studio engineer is not an easy task, BiggMann has tackled that obstacle as well. He is also a very savvy computer technician. BiggMann has taken whole sound boards and flipped them upside down, only to repair them and keep business going as usual. Learning never stops for BiggMann. In support of everything that BiggMann does, he is currently enrolled in college. His major is Digital Film and Photography. BiggMann does not have very much free time on his hands, so he chooses to spend it with close friends and family. His struggle as a child made him the family man he is today. He uses that family time to bond with his children and wife. BiggMann and his family understand that when the music calls, he must work, the same way a soldier would when being called to war. Bigg also gives time back to the community. One example of him doing so is when he assisted in the fundraising and construction of a home for a homeless family in Sacramento, California. BiggMann knows what it feels like to have nothing. He hopes that everyone will give back at some point in their life, when having the ability to do so. He has made volunteering a portion of his time a goal, just as any other goal would be composed and executed. Consequently, BiggMann strives to make the right music that will fit in today's trends. He makes this possible by rising above any doubt people have when it comes to BiggMann and his career. He has been the underdog, and he uses his wit and intelligence and strength to overcome any obstacles that may be placed before him. BiggMann aspires to break records, not in terms of money or sales, but in terms of most people helped. Positivity will keep him relevant in music. He has proved that time and time again that he keeps the ability to stay with ever changing times. "Positive Inner G, from me to you", is not only BiggMann's favorite quote, it is his clothing line. These t shirts send a message that can only be received in a positive manner. BiggMann pushes positive energy on those who do not listen to hip hop or rap music. BiggMann has a way of looking past the opinions of others. In his new single, “ My Sky”, produced by Goldfingaz of Fireworks Productions, there is a quote that describes Bigg; “Never did anything for me, Want me to remember you, No I ain’t mad at you” This quote speaks volumes and it says BiggMann could never be mad a person for taking offense to his success. He is very focused on what he has to offer the world and tends not to worry about the opinion of those who are not making an effort to become successful for themselves. Talent is a necessity in today’s music industry, in order to become successful. BiggMann likes to listen to other musicians who have an authentic sound, that cannot be duplicated. Some of BiggMann's favorite songs are, “The Art of Peer Pressure”, by Kendrick Lamar, “lose Yourself”, by Eminem, “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls, “Dear Mama”, by 2Pac, “Steady Mobbin”, by Ice Cube and “My Sky”, by BiggMann himself. Good music soothes BiggMann's soul. Alternatively, there is also music that lacks what Bigg looks for in a good song. BiggMann feels the music industry needs more structure. More talent, less politics. The music game is watered down because the masses allow and buy into bad music. This, in turn, gets BiggMann’s creative juices flowing. BiggMann is currently working on himself. Although, he cannot say much in detail about the projects he is working on, he knows that you will enjoy his new, grown-man music. BiggMann is one of the most talented artists in the music industry. He has often been called a “One Man Army”, by his peers and associates. Many have told BiggMann to keep going, because he has what it takes. Never giving up is top priority on BiggMann’s list of goals, so that he may continue to entertain his fans, while teaching and uplifting them.


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