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Ykus » Tyler Hanson
almost 5 years

Good music

Tyler Hanson
over 7 years

Mannn..... i need to stop procrastinating and put out some more songs for you guys, even thought a have a butt load of more songs hahah :D

Tyler Hanson » Mikael Levan
over 7 years

Thanks bud, I have WAYYYY more songs to play also, I just havent got the time to record them and post them onto the site, but that time will come soon. :D

Mikael Levan » Tyler Hanson
over 7 years

I like your stuff Tyler.

Tyler Hanson
over 7 years

I got a couple of songs that are pretty much finished, there will be more songs coming soon! :)

Tyler Hanson upvoted faded memories - (chris)
about 8 years
Tyler Hanson » My song 1
over 8 years

I like it very much!

It's nice, it hits and very upbeat!

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