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Born in Texas this entertainer, who is the youngest of a family of 11, got his early exposure to music through an older brother who played saxophone. Listening to his older brother rehearse hours both alone and later in a local band inspired his journey in music. It also inspired his interest in the more than 10 instruments that he has learn to play since. Dae Juan whose name he got from his childhood best friend who taught him to play bass guitar. That child hood friend’s son was still born on New Year’s Day and was named Juan. This is homage to that friend who has since passed away and to his then still born son. Dae has spent a lifetime making music and making and learning from that event to enjoy every minute in life to be happy. Dae Juan so enjoyed being happy he got intrigued with making people smile. So much so that he got into standup comedy some years ago. He got on stage on a dare from a friend on an amateur comedy night. To say he excelled is an understatement. Today he is a more than 15 year Headlining Professional Stand-up Comedian. But his 1st love is and has been his music. Dae Juan’s musical influences ranges from 70’s icons rockers such as America, Hall and Oats to R & B Legendary bands like Earth Wind and Fire Ohio Players , Cameo Parliament & Funkadelic and of course Crooners like Barry White. Prince Rick James Elton John remain the most dominate influences on his performances. Dae Juan’s sometimes edgy sound in the music he produces comes from modern day super producers like Dr Dre. , Timberland, and Pharell Williams. Dae Juan has produced music for many top names in music as a ghost producer so the world will never truly understand his contributions to many trends in music through the years. The importance of a great show has never been lost on this Texas Born talent. Sometime with dancer on stage sometimes without. Either way the “it” factor that Dae Juan possesses comes from years of failure and successes that has built him into being one of the most solid artist out there. Dae Juan has stated many times he enjoys making music that makes people want to dance and be happy. “it is a long lost art in R & B music”. Next to making Great dance music Dae Juan has staying power. Continuing to create dance classics that people enjoy hearing year after year. Dae Juan can be seen thrilling audiences in a city near you.

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