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Paul Lehr (aka Panekk) began his music career at the young age of 12 with the purchase of a Tama drum set. By the time Paul was 14 years old he was already in a band called CoreLord. CoreLord was doing performances at various events such as school dances. After a few years of band hopping, Paul settled in with a group called Requiem. The group was pretty successful, playing gigs all over Louisiana. Requiem also recorded their debut CD called “Suffering” at Dave Fortman’s (the guitarist from Ugly Kid Joe) studio. After 5 years of playing and recording with Requiem, Paul left the group. Bored without music in his life, Paul began to mix vinyl and produce techno tracks. Paul played around for awhile before he actually bought his first set of tables and took it to the next level. In 1993, after about a year of playing at house parties and such, Paul decided to expand on this hobby. He labeled himself Panekk. In 1996 Paul started a group of DJ’s and gave the group the name Dizzy Records. The original DJ’s in the group were Panekk, Mike Edwards, Stress, Roll and X-Con. Dizzy Records started to produce events like "Skool’s Out" at The University Commons, with crowds of 200 plus people. In 1999 the "Skool’s Out" event had a record 400 plus people in attendance. After a few years with Dizzy Records, Panekk started a side group called Phatt House Productions (P.H.P.). P.H.P. produced events at Gate 7 called “Phatt Assed Patio Parties”. After a few months of these events, P.H.P. started another event at The Spanish Moon, called “Frequency”. Then in 2001, Phatt House Productions and Dizzy Records threw arguably Baton Rouge’s best party to date, called “Independence Day”. The venue, a beach, set the vibe for this event. The two production companies threw another party on the same location called “Phatt Beach Party”. To many, many people these are considered to be the best events ever in the Capitol City. After two more events and around Thanksgiving of 2002, there was a house fire that destroyed everything. Paul had just put together a live P.A. with roomate and fellow band member Heath H. They lost it all -- Groove Box, Groove Sampler, Electric drums, Turntables and records were all destroyed. After this, Paul decided he had enough and decided to retire from the music business. Then on Jan. first, 2004, Dizzy Records along with Club Fringe Productions produced “Jack Off The New Year”. Panekk has since then come out of retirement and has several bookings this summer, so be on the look out for Panekk in the future. The Baton Rouge native was inspired and influenced by such DJ greats as Kimball Collins, Rabbit in the Moon, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Hardware, Christopher Lawrence, Paul Van Dyke, Carl Cox and many more. Panekk describes his music as a means by which people from different places can be brought together to share a positive and common adventure. He is a complete embodiment of the live dance experience, as his sets stream a current of energy through the ear. Hello, I am Paul Lehr aka DeJay Panekk and co-owner of Dizzy Records. From a business aspect what we have to offer anyone that is interested in joining the crew is the opportunity to work with and around some of Louisiana's most talented Producers / Musicians / DJ's. We offer our producers the option of complete CD manufacturing from scratch; from the graphics all the way to the track being distributed to the locations it will be purchased from. We offer consulting, if needed, for any step during the process of completing your track. I personally have been in the music business for 30 years. The music production software I prefer to use and I am most educated with is Abelton Live, Sonar by Cakewalk, Fruity Loops, Battery, Reaktor, Kontakt and Reason. Although I didn't get started in music producing techno loops and tracks. I started my music career playing the drums in several different bands of many different genres from jazz to death metal. I played the quad-toms in marching bands in high school. When I was 18 I won Baton Rouge's Drum Wars sponsored by Ziegler's Music as well as the finals in New Orleans in the 18 and over double-bass category. I have recorded with several of the bands I was in which taught me great knowledge of studios and I consider myself to be an upper level producer. I was always wrapped up in playing at clubs or doing residencies, so I never put any effort towards my producing abilities except for the tracks I produced in 91-92. I am also fluent with a few graphics programs, such as PhotoShop, Blender, and Corel Draw, which means that I am available to consult should you need assistance with your website, cd cover, logo, etc. (check out my work at Really I am excited about doing this and hope that people will see what we have here and decide to use Dizzy Records to their advantage. Everyone gains from it and it is a positive learning experience for all involved. Hopefully it will all go as planned and Dizzy Records can put Louisiana back on the map in the EDM world. Back where Disco Donnie had us....

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music panekk - dirty dj's bass October 16, 2013 00:55
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music panekk - chasing the train (psytrance) October 16, 2013 01:24
music Panekk - Falling Silently (Old School Mix) November 11, 2013 08:59
music BT - Remember(Panekk's Break Mix) November 18, 2013 07:49
music Do It Again October 28, 2021 22:15
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Jennifer Clarke » Paulie
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Hey Paulie, I never saw your request until now! wow, 7 years later! If you still would like to remix this song, please do!

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Paulie » Room full of you
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Would you mind if I remix this? I will not release it until you have listened to it and we discuss ©. Here is some info on me My most recent remix was "Inside Out" Feat B.Spears.

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