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Ven. Dr Madawela Punnaji Maha Thera made it his life-long mission to research and uncover the original teachings of the Buddha, which he found to be uniquely unlike all major schools of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, including Zen and Pure-land Buddhism. His discoveries made him realize that Buddhism, in its original form, was not merely a religion of faith, prayer, and obedience to rules and rituals, but a timeless psychological methodology of growth and evolution of the human consciousness. His research goes beyond academics, it is experiential. This has empowered him to speak out of his own experience instead of merely repeating what one reads in books and scriptures. Bhante Punnaji’s interest in Western psychology led him to the discovery of a form of Buddhist Psychotherapy, which he thinks is the best way to introduce Buddhism to the modern world. Bhante Punnaji has played a significant role in the dissemination of Buddhism in the West and is well known to Buddhists around the world, in particular in Europe, Canada and United States. Sought by many globally as a resourceful spiritual guide and authority on the original teachings of the Buddha, Bhante Punnaji, at 84, tirelessly shares his time between Canada, United States, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries to teach the original teachings of the Buddha through Dhamma talks, sutta classes and meditation retreats. For more lessons by Bhante Punnaji, please visit:


Bhante Punnaji
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